Calculates the Bacon Number based upon the Neo4j example data

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Calculates the Bacon Number based upon the Neo4j example data


You'll need to have Neo4j running and populated with a data set about movies and actors. Neo4j comes with such a data set as an example. The essential relationship is (:Person)-[:ACTED_IN]->(:Movie)

On *NIX, you can install Neo4j as follows

wget -qO- | tar xzf -
cd neo4j-community-2.0.0-M06/
bin/neo4j start
# open http://localhost:7474/browser/
# stop with bin/neo4j stop

In this UI, type in :play movies and follow the instructions until the data in imported (which will take a couple of secs).

Then, to start the python app, you'll have to install flask and requests. Or you can just pip install -r requirements.txt in your favourite virtualenv.

Either way, start the app by


For more options, see python --help


The app has two endpoints:

The output format is shamelessly ripped off of Google

The Query

The Cypher Query to retrieve the Bacon Number and its intermediate steps is

WHERE{kevin} AND{actor}
    length([m in nodes(p) WHERE m:Movie]) as BaconNumber,
    [m in nodes(p) WHERE m:Movie | m.title] as Movies,
    [a in nodes(p) WHERE a:Person |][1..-1] as KnowsActors

{kevin} and {actor} are substituted with the given actor names.

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